About us


UAB "FinAlfaConsulting" provides financial advisory services.

The company provides financialadvisory services ranging from full financial strategy developement toseperate, uniques and client tailor-suited financial advisory solutions.

UAB "FinAlfa Consulting" as wellprovides accounting and tax optimisation and consulting services.

Company is proud to have young,energetic and ambitious personell, which is capable of constructing unique,most effective, client oriented financial solutions. Thepersonell at least has 7 years of experience in finance and business world.

Company's main aim is todevelope special and unique, client tailored and client wealth maximizingsolutions. Our aim is to deliver "Alfa" solutions to You. In finance world alfareturn is regarded as return above average market replica returns.

Create Your financial "alfa"with the help of UAB "FinAlfa Consulting"!